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Aug 19 2019


Michigan Stock Market Game Coordinator - Spotlight on ETF's - SIFMA SmartBrief




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**CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON**   **The STOCK MARKET GAME COORDINATOR** **for MICHIGAN, IOWA, INDIANA, & OREGON ****" Creating Young Investors, One at a Time"**  * Home  * How to Videos/Documents  * Basic Company Research  * Activities to Kick-Off your SMG Experience  * Free Online Webinars  * SMG with Mr. Anderson's Class  * The Latest Company/Stock Headlines  * National InvestWrite Writing Competition  * The SMG Fast Track Learning Episodes  * Capitol Hill Challenge (CHC)  * Trading Mutual Funds  * Get Your Students Trading Today!  * CHAMPIONS of the Stock Market Game, InvestWrite and the CHC  * About Chris  * Contact Chris  * Mr. A's 6th Grade Math: Learning Videos and helpful website links.  * Mr. A's Math Class: Google Slides**Spotlight on ETF's \- SIFMA SmartBrief**   **I think it is extremely important that we begin teaching our children aboutsaving money and long-term investing for retirement. The Stock Market Game isan excellent tool for teaching students about long-term investing. My job isto make that process easier for you. A great place to start would be to tojoin one of our Free On-line Webinars. There, you will find our upcoming Fall2019 schedule of online webinars. Or you can choose to watch a recordedwebinar, by clicking on How to Videos/Documents **_**Please contact Christopher if you have any questions**_ _ **christopheranderson@hartlandschools.us**_ ******Video** **- Quick tour of my Website ****Video** **- A Successeful Stock Market Game Experience** **Video** **\- How to Register for the Stock Market Game** **Video** **\- An Overview of the Stock Market Game** **Link- SMG Calendar and Webinar Schedule (10 weeks)** **Link - SMG Calendar and Webinar Schedule (32 weeks)**NYSE: The BellTeacher Support Center \- lessons, assessments, stock talk, etc. Thesematerials are only available to teachers who register for the Stock MarketGame.**The Stock Market Game is a ten-week simulation** of Wall Street trading thatprovides a frame work for teaching students about stock market, business, andeconomic decision-making and is **integrated** **through Social Studies,Economics, Math, Language Arts, Technology, Life Skills,** **and BusinessEducation**. Offered each fall and spring, the Stock Market Game is designedto help students understand the stock market. Teams of one to five studentscompete in elementary, middle, and high school divisions. Each team (orstudent) is given a hypothetical $100,000.00 to invest in common stock, bondsand mutual funds on the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. **Learn more or register at:** **www.stockmarketgame.org** **Once registered teachers will have access to lessons and activities.**  * Introduction of the SMG   * What is a Company?  * What is a Stock?  * Ticker Symbols  * Low Risk & High Risk  * Growing Investments  * Dividends  * Markets & Exchanges  * Risk  * Diversification  * Mutual Funds  * Bonds  * Stock Price Changes  * When to Buy, Sell, or Hold  *  _ **InvestWrite (National Writing Competition)**_ **To learn more or to register for the Stock Market Game go to:** **www.stockmarketgame.org**   **The Stock Market Game is:**  *  **Innovative Educational Experience**  *  **Proven Classroom Success**  *  **Extensive Teacher Support**  *  **Superior Technology Tools**  *  **Endorsed By Industry Leaders**  *  **Time-Tested for Success****The purpose of this web-site:**  * Assisting you with registering your school or classes with stock market game (SMG)   * Help you navigate through the SMG web-site  * Inform you of the free lessons and activities available to you after you register  * Share with you my favorite websites and other recources.    * Be available to you throughout your Stock Market Game (SMG) experience.   **Link To Webinar Schedule** _ **GAME DATES FOR THE**_ _ **2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR.**_ **Michigan** **Iowa** **Indiana** **Oregon** **** _ **Sept. 9 - April 17 (Year-long)**_ _ **October 7 - December 13 (Fall)**_ **October 21 - February 7 (Enrichment)** _ **February 3 - April 10 (Spring)**_ **February 24 - May 15 (Enrichment)** **March 17 - June 5 (Enrichment)** **April 14 - June 5 (Enrichment)** ** ***Prizes awarded** for Year-long, Fall ****and Spring Sessions!** _ ***No prizes awarded \-  Enrichment Sessions!**_ **LINK - Free Online Webinar Schedule**Chris can be contacted at:   **christopheranderson@hartlandschools.us**